Educating Tomorrow’s Leaders – Writer/Producer/Director – Digital/B2C

Client: NSU Florida’s Fischler College of Education and Criminal Justice.

Objective: Amidst the pandemic, NSU Florida had to adapt the annual Shark Preview event. This four-month affair, aimed at newly admitted students, had to go virtual. I was entrusted with a crucial task: creating replacement videos that introduced various courses.

These videos served a dual purpose—informing and enticing- acting as promotional tools for our academic programs. Working with non-professional talent, mainly students, presented a unique challenge: making them feel at ease enough to share genuine, experiential insights rather than reciting scripted lines.

Creating authentic and impactful testimonials resonating with NSU’s goals was essential.

My role encompassed the entire production process, from ideation to execution. I directed the talent, filmed the content, and edited the final videos.

Written/Produced/Directed/Filmed/Edited by Paolo Mugnaini
2nd Camera: Leo Adames.

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