An Officer’s Academic Triumph – Writer/Producer/Director – Digital/B2C

Suncoast Emmy Nominee

Client: NSU Florida College of Education

Objective: The NSU Florida College of Education sought to develop a series of branded films for its website and YouTube platform. The aim was to effectively promote the array of College of Education and Criminal Justice programs, thereby increasing web traffic.

Approach: We decided to center the series on emotional connections that would deeply resonate with the target demographic – individuals between the ages of 35 and 55, primarily comprising minority men and women.

The initial challenge was to handpick a select group of graduates whose inspiring journeys held the potential to touch hearts on both individual and broader levels. Notable among these was Lt. Col. Spencer from the US Air Force.  Managing every aspect of the project, from conceptualization to final delivery, I shaped the talking points, guided the interview process, and opted for a two-camera setup. This approach ensured a comprehensive coverage of the interview and the supporting b-roll footage.

The culmination of these efforts led to creating a highly impactful video series characterized by its emotional resonance and storytelling, which yielded remarkable outcomes. Most notably, it drove a substantial 63% increase in web traffic, showcasing the effectiveness of employing compelling narratives to engage and connect with the target audience, and earned a Suncoast Emmy nomination.

Written, Produced, Directed, and Edited by Paolo Mugnaini
Cinematography/Colorist – Oscar Espino
Camera: Oscar Espino, Paolo Mugnaini
AC: Leo Adames
Production Coordinator – Brendan Byrne
Pre-Production Coordinator – Morgan Maodus
Executive Producers- Melissa Ruidiaz-Paolo Mugnaini