The Waterfalls of Damajagua – Director – Ships’ Stateroom TVs. B2C

Client: OnBoardMedia/Carnival Cruises

Objective: Carnival Cruises aimed to create promotional videos showcasing Carnival Adventures Shore Excursions across ports of call. OnboardMedia partnered with me as the director for these videos, intended for all Carnival ships’ staterooms.

With a compact crew—a producer, two camera operators, and myself as director—the tight schedule demanded intense commitment. Each project posed logistical challenges, coordinating with ship schedules, passenger transport, and crew movement. We captured B-roll, identified interviewees, and documented key sites, often splitting for comprehensive coverage. Filming persisted from morning to late afternoon in the tropical heat.

My role encompassed various responsibilities. I was tasked with selecting suitable interviewees among the excursion participants, scouting appropriate interview locales, formulating interview questions, and conducting the interviews. Furthermore, I supervised footage and operated the camera when needed.

This demanding yet rewarding project showcased Carnival Adventures’ excitement and allure.

Directed by Paolo Mugnaini
Produced by John Paul Lorie
Cinematography by Oscar Espino and Felipe Marrou
Additional Camera by Paolo Mugnaini

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